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Reimagining Beauty – B is for Brilliance

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Hey it’s Letter B! This blog challenge has been a blast (b is also for blast). In addition to the A to Z posts, I am working on expanding the reach of the blog beyond its current scope. I really need to add RSS stuff… any WordPressers out there who are willing to share suggestions, I’d appreciate it! You can contact me here or through my website, Many thanks 🙂

But first, I hope you read the B post!!

B is for Brilliance

I once had a crush on a college professor. His brilliance filled me with wonder. When his eyes flashed with understanding, it was invigorating. Seeing his facial expression shift while his mind hurtled forward through a zany analytical roller coaster was one of the most exhilarating things I witnessed during a slogging educational dip in my life. As I sat there in his classroom I learned that a brilliant mind is a seriously beautiful thing.

That Eureka moment, when an idea explodes to life in someone’s brain, can be read on that someone’s face. It is like flicking the light on in a darkened room and, at the same time, experiencing immense joy at opening a long anticipated gift. Brilliant moments like that are beautiful to behold.

Life informs stories and stories inform life. In retelling an old story with a plot that hinges on a man and a woman coming together, I decided to make a shift in that plot point. I rejected the idea that her physical appearance was the thing about her that caught fire for him. Instead of noticing her outward appearance, my protagonist was jazzed by her inward intelligence. She stood out from a host of many other young women when he recognized her cleverness.

In his view, she was a brilliant young woman. Her beauty was all about her quickness of mind. He was not threatened by it; he welcomed it and applauded it.

That’s how we chose to tell the story.

So when you choose to tell your stories, remember this quality. Remember it when you think about people you know in life, recall it about characters you know in literature, consider it when you write or when you tell your friends and family about someone who is beautiful.

Anyone, of any age or background, can have Eureka moments and be invigoratingly beautiful to themselves and to others.

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12 thoughts on “Reimagining Beauty – B is for Brilliance

  1. An RSS feed? Your blog should have one already.

    Also, that’s true about Eureka moments.

  2. Jeri, Not only do I agree with you, I love all the alliteration, especially all the b’s! Thanks!

  3. Your post today reminds me of the tale of Tatterhood. It is the only princess story I tell that has been requested by boys more than girls. One of the plot points is that Tatterhood is not concerned about her appearance and we never find out what she really looks like. It doesn’t matter in the story or to the audience.

  4. Beauty can create that first spark but intelligence keeps it burning. I had a crush on a guy once but one day realised he couldn’t do simple maths. My crush ended that day.

  5. I enjoyed reading your Brilliance Blog Post! I’m reminded how beauty from within changes with the actions of the character on a daily baisis – makes for a good story!

    Thank you,

  6. I’m very strongly attracted to brilliant people. (Well, at least intelligent. I just *think* they’re brilliant, maybe)
    It’s a great idea to put my characters too!
    anna @ Deeply Shallow

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