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Reimagining Beauty – L is for Luminous

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For my Blogging from A to Z April Challenge, I am writing about how storytellers, writers, parents, teachers (in other words, just about anyone) can reimagine beauty to be more inclusive. That way, people with disabilities, varying body types and racial backgrounds, etc. (in other words, anyone) can feel and be recognized by the world as the beauties they truly are.

Reimagining Beauty – L is for Luminous

My neighbor has the sort of face that lights up rooms. I don’t think I’m exaggerating. Her smile changes her face drastically. At rest, she looks like a middle-aged mom. But with a smile, she becomes a live, bright yellow, happy face emoticon. Jaunty jubilance shines from every pore. In short, she is luminous, and not a bad sight during the darkest, heavy-wet-snow moments of late winter.

She doesn’t have the exact look that advertising says is beautiful. But the luminosity she puts across is more beautiful than any sparkly-clad model on a runway (some of whom seem so worn down as to suck in light rather than to produce it, but I digress).

There is a child who I have written about in prior posts. She is the one who inspired this blog series. Her smile can stop wars. The joy and luminosity that she puts out is grippingly beautiful. My neighbor and that little girl are luminous, as are some other beautiful things.

Gems are luminous. Fireflly light is too. The sun breaking through the clouds and the sheen of gold evince luminosity. A masterly painting, when put in the proper light, well, lights up. All of those things reflect and shed light. All of those things are considered high beauty. So, when people shine like gems or great art, isn’t that great beauty too?

Luminosity doesn’t belong to one type of person. Anyone can be luminous. As all of my Reimagining Beauty posts suggest, beauty can be inclusive of people of all ages, abilities, and cultural backgrounds.The glow in someone’s eye, face, or skin hints at the shimmering spirit of a beautiful person within.

So write and tell about luminous beauties in your stories, your memories, your life, and your favorite tales of old. They are there, waiting for you to shed light upon them. Share them with private or public audiences to teach the young and remind everybody to reflect on the beauty of light.

Have you read any books or heard any stories with a shimmering, glowing, beauty? How might you describe such a character?

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