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Reimagining Beauty – U is for Uniqueness

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For my Blogging from A to Z April Challenge, I am writing about how storytellers, writers, parents, teachers (in other words, just about anyone) can reimagine beauty to be more inclusive. That way, people with disabilities, varying body types and racial backgrounds, etc. (in other words, anyone) can feel and be recognized by the world as the beauties they truly are.

Reimagining Beauty – U is for Uniqueness

Those who have been following my blog know that the Reimagining Beauty series was inspired by a little girl. She was born with a rare, genetic syndrome that has given her many medical challenges. In addition to needing a wheelchair, her appearance is unique because her body is asymmetrical.

But that doesn’t matter one whit. When that child smiles, when she gazes at something with interest, one doesn’t see how she is different. One simply sees a beautiful little girl.

It’s not just my opinion. Thanks to social media, I regularly see how people react to photos or videos of her. Everyone is floored by the child’s beauty, and they say so.

To some it might seem a sweet conundrum – what makes her look different adds to her great beauty. But truly, her uniqueness doesn’t rob her of beauty, her uniqueness bestows it. The sweetness deep inside that child connects, accentuates, and beautifies all of her features, sculpting a sweet and lovely darling.

Why can’t beauty be viewed in terms of the uniqueness of people? Instead trying to make people all look alike, let’s value beautiful individuality.

People say that they want this. The web buzzes about how we can and should shed culturally defined, marginalizing, unattainable beauty standards. Any of us can step up to the plate and reimagine beauty in all the ways I’ve described in this series and in all the other ways that beauty manifests itself.

Put the force of your words behind your wants. Write about the beauty of uniqueness. Tell stories about people who are different and beautiful. Retrain your mind to appreciate the gorgeousness of diversity. We can do this with the power of language: for that little girl, for each other, and for everyone.

We can change the way the world defines beauty, one word at a time.

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9 thoughts on “Reimagining Beauty – U is for Uniqueness

  1. A. Catherine Noon on said:

    I’m tickled to find your blog today. A couple of the members of my writing group are a storytellers and I’m pleased to see that you are endeavoring to keep the craft alive. Keep on talkin’! 🙂 Following you now.

    This is A. Catherine Noon, visiting from the Noon and Wilder blog at for the A-Z Challenge (and the Under 100 Followers section too), #1554 on the list. Happy blogging!

  2. I have made my life about honoring unique qualities in different types of people and various cultures. I really respect you for your work on Reimagining Beauty and will go back through your A to Z posts to read more of this type of work. Wishing you and your daughter all the best.

    • So glad to hear you have made your life about something so important! How do you do this? Do tell. And thank you for your wishes for the little girl, but she is not my daughter. She is the daughter of some friends.

  3. This is touching, powerful, and beautifully written. I agree with everything you say – what a great perspective and view of people and the world. And I do think that more and more people are seeing beauty and uniqueness this way. Great post! ❤

  4. Ed Hotaling on said:

    I have a tendency to look for the positive. When I meet someone, I look for something positive to build my first impression on. Since the first thing I know about most people is what they look like, I try to latch onto some unique physical feature to start with so I can be on the right track when we begin to speak.
    This has served me well over the years and as a result I have met very few ugly people. I also like most of the people I meet. Rarely will I meet someone on a negative note and it is even more rare that my perception stays that way.
    I have met many people like the little girl you mentioned and I always see the beauty in them, be it the eyes, smile or expression. They always improve my day.
    Thanks for reminding me.

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