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Reimagining Beauty – P is for Peaceful

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For my Blogging from A to Z April Challenge, I am writing about how storytellers, writers, parents, teachers (in other words, just about anyone) can reimagine beauty to be more inclusive. That way, people with disabilities, varying body types and racial backgrounds, etc. (in other words, anyone) can feel and be recognized by the world as the beauties they truly are.

Reimagining Beauty – P is for Peaceful

Restful bliss.
Yoga teachers.
A gothic cathedral.
My son’s physical therapist.
A spring fed country lake at the edge of a forest in late summer.

Serenity is the secret, golden key to life. It also happens to be the main ingredient in some people. You know them when you meet them. They glide through the world like swans on a spring fed country lake. At the edge of a forest. In late summer (or any season really). It is a privilege to be in the presence of peaceful beauty.

One of the stories I tell with The Storycrafters is about a character with a peaceful nature. He spreads loveliness and warmth to all he meets. Along the way, he attracts the natural world to do his will. Because he has a peaceful nature, he is considered beautiful. We don’t mention his appearance. We simply describe his bearing and the beautiful things that happen because of it.

I know a musician who also happens to be a gardner. Her calm, peaceful interior mirrors her contemplative flower garden. Her mood is steady and people love to be around her. I don’t have to say more about what she looks like. I’ve already told you that she is beautiful.

Peaceful souls cultivate relaxation in others. They are an oasis of calm in the middle of a harried existence. Being in the presence of peacefulness, like being in a gothic cathedral or in pristine nature, is beauty that borders on the reverential.

Who provides solace? Who are the ones who carry peace in their hearts? What characters in your stories are the steady rocks that others flock to for assurance, for stress relief, for assistance, for their calming voice? Their looks and age and background don’t matter at all. Their power is in their gentleness, their beauty is in their peacefulness. Tell about them.

So what do you think? Is peace a great and beautiful thing? Are there peaceful people that you know who are beautiful because of that quality? How about in stories?

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2 thoughts on “Reimagining Beauty – P is for Peaceful

  1. Barbara Burns on said:

    Reading your peaceful words are a great reminder of what is important. I believe the world needs that reminder.

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