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Reimagining Beauty – M is for Multifaceted

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For my Blogging from A to Z April Challenge, I am writing about how storytellers, writers, parents, teachers (in other words, just about anyone) can reimagine beauty to be more inclusive. That way, people with disabilities, varying body types and racial backgrounds, etc. (in other words, anyone) can feel and be recognized by the world as the beauties they truly are.

Reimagining Beauty – M is for Multifaceted

Cinnamon smells great. Baked apples are delightful. A handful of walnuts are a yummy treat. But when you put all of them together? Culinary loveliness.

A teen boy I know loves opera and gaming. By itself, the love of one or the other isn’t necessarily ugly or beautiful (though, seriously, a teen boy who wants to sing opera is a beautiful thing in its own way). However, the juxtaposition of those two passions in one teenager is singularly exciting and quite beautiful to think about.

Everybody is multifaceted. Everyone has a variety of characteristcs that come together, that harmonize or create counterpoint. Harmony and counterpoint are part of what makes beautiful music. A blend of just the right ingredients is what makes apple pie delicious. The varied facets of a human personality is what makes that person attractive and interesting.

When we focus on just one characterstic, like what a person looks like, we miss the best part.

Think of a kaleidoscope. When we look at one, we don’t focus on any one tiny fragment. We take in the combination of shapes and colors and patterns that dance in a prismatic array. The whole effect wows us. To focus on any one component won’t bring us to the beautiful effect that comes from looking at all the shaken parts at once.

Any story character worth its depth has more than one quality that comes together in an interesting way, that makes him or her leap off the page or tongue. I am currently working on a fractured variant of a classic story. I could describe the heroine as the typical, standard, old school fairy tale heroine – passive, pretty, and patient. But these are not the qualities that make my heroine beautiful. My woman is smart and artistic. And she is very discerning. Never once do I mention her looks. I don’t have to. Her multifaceted self is all she needs to be alluring.

Yes, it is trite, but sometimes trite is true. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And it is the sum of those parts that add up to beautiful people, no matter what they look like, no matter what their birth abilities might be. Apple pie. Harmony. Kaleidescope. Multifaceted.

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2 thoughts on “Reimagining Beauty – M is for Multifaceted

  1. so true about counterpoint… in pies, painting, writing, people…..

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